Terabytes to Petabytes, The Evolution of Enterprise Data Warehouse

Moving on from Gigabytes to Exabytes enroute Terabytes, Petabytes and Zettabytes; data storage has come a long long way. Reminiscences of the past tell us of the modest floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and the Hard disk drives where organizations felt ‘rich’ having just a few Gigs of data….

Enter Data warehouses, Big Data and Business Intelligence; a cocktail of data storage, which got so big that it has been very appropriately christened BIG Data and the very intelligent platform for data interpretation; Business Intelligence.

The Data Collection:

What is Enterprise Data Warehouse?
In simple words an Enterprise Data Warehouse, EDW is designed to store data in such a way that it can be accessed easily for later use in reporting, data analysis and predictions. Cohesive storage platform for data captured from disparate operational sources and platforms is provided by Data Warehouse making it a central repository for all the data relevant to an organization.

The Magicians in the Enterprise Data Warehouse
The Enterprise Data Warehouse or EDW itself evolved as requirements, prudence and hardware capacities along with the devices increased over the years. Right from Data mart, Online Analytical Processing, Online Transaction Processing EDW has found its way to include Predictive Analysis in a big way.

And what about Big Data and BI ?
Big Data
  1. The data that we have been collecting over the years is finally so big that it is rightly called Big Data now.
  2. It is a large volume of unstructured data which cannot be handled by other Database Management systems.
  3. Big data uses statistical inference to determine regressions, nonlinear relationships and data dependencies from a large volume of data.

• Business Intelligence
  1. BI uses descriptive statistics or statistical analysis with the data collected to interpret the hidden meanings.
  2. It is used for transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis.
  3. Large amounts of unstructured data are interpreted by BI to identify new opportunities and develop new strategies for businesses.
  4. Coupled with Predictive Analysis Tools, BI puts the theories of probability and predictions to use.
This justifies why Enterprise Data Warehouses are now augmenting themselves with concepts like BI and BIG Data to get a more complete picture of the past, present and the future of the data.

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