The Design Revolution - From User Interfaces to Natural User Interfaces

Devices become a part of our life to the extent that they rule our lives. Hordes of applications come along. Social behavioral patterns change because of devices so much so that the devices talk to each other to make smart and smarter choices for us.

Only till yesterday, the watch was a modest instrument to measure and display time; the glasses & contact lenses were simple correction techniques and of course the phone was a simple machine to talk to people! Look where we are today with imagination of wizards and creative geniuses! Devices around our homes and cars are getting there soon too!

Designs around us then have moved on from the traditional, visuals only arena. The design bureau, takes care not only of the sights and sounds and the appeals, it becomes much more. To put the feel into these intelligent applications, the design becomes intuitive. The emotions added into these software sums up to a natural User Experience (UX) with a good mix of User Interactions (UI). This is the Interface Design.

Imagine then, looking into some one’s face while paying for your coffee or maybe stealing a look into the naive watch to check your email or letting your contact lenses keep a tab on your blood sugar. Device to Human Interactions give rise to a special kind of designing; Interaction Design.

We already hear of smart shelves in supermarkets all set to recognize and adapt to consumer behavior. The beacons guiding the consumer through alleys and floor in a store are not unheard of.  Driving an intelligent car that maneuvers us in a saga of role change will not remain the forte of a sly spy. Adventure is already at our door steps with Augmented Reality and Location Based Services let loose. Designing for the IoT; people connecting to services rather than technology, in tandem with each other with a specific purpose is here too.

The digital experiences that we have been having with the devices through gestures, taps, touch and voice are all set to change. Industries like home security, health and wellness, travel, education, retailing besides the usual are getting into the devices.

Natural User Interfaces, our skin, our eyes make a slow move into the design domain with biometric based technology. Finger print ids and retinal recognition tools are now becoming a part of all our gadgets.

The designs then move on at a different pace. The design revolution seizes us.

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