Best Practices in IT Business Outsourcing


Outsourcing has always been a matter of trust, rather than business in IT field.

At SPEC INDIA, we talked to some of our esteemed Clients, to summarize their best advice, based on their own experience working with us and for their other IT partners. These experts came up with many interesting facts and thought processes that tempted us the share the same with our readers. Here some of the best practices that all the firms should follow in IT outsourcing:

> A Customer always has an idea and he has all the rights to expect the best, from what he pays for
> Enter into the proper clauses and NDAs before starting the relationship
> Change your attitude towards IT business, if the things are not working your way
> See each opportunity with a long-term vision
> The Client is looking forward to a compatible service provider
> Pick the right projects to outsource
> Stay onsite
> Do not get yourself confused between sales and delivery; let them be handled by experts
> Be actively involved and responsible for smallest of the things
  and so on…

At SPEC INDIA, we have a very flexible outsourcing partnership program, to support our prospects and Clients in a positive manner. The details of our offer are listed at this page, for your kind reference. You can also send us an email at our email id for any queries – related to our partnership program.

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