HTML5 - The Language Funky Devices Speak

HTML5 is the language synonymous with cross platform development. In the recent days it has moved on from becoming just a tag based language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web to become the indispensible tool of the internet. The Application Programming Interfaces for both mobile web applications and mobile applications are rolled out effectively by using the crossplatform abilities of HTML. Compatible and rich user experiences are incomparable when designed with HTML5. The responsive and adaptive design concepts deliver consistent UI / UX across devices giving users the freedom to explore devices and gadgets like never before. The unique crossplatform capabilities empower the applications and solutions developed with HTML5 to come across as the most dependable and practical.

Crossplatform Applications using HTML 5

• Easy to develop
It is easy to develop applications using HTML 5 and most of the developers like to write code using HTML.

• Crossplatform deployment cost
Crossplatform apps are developed only once. It is common for all platforms and hence the cost of redevelopment for each operating system is avoided.

• Performance
HTML 5 is known to be the common language of the web, It works seamlessly across mobile platforms and browsers. They can be installed from the web as icons on home screens across any phone with the same performance and user experience.

• Searchable contents
The contents on HTML 5 can be crawled and indexed by search engines, so possibly discovered by people searching on the net. This increases the accessibility of the app tremendously.

The Advantages of HTML5 in a nutshell

HTML5 offers many incomparable advantages, but in a nutshell the following are the most talked of.
  • Speed and ease of Development
  • Crossplatform Support
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Easy upgrades of apps
  • Freedom from Appstores
  • Reduced Cost of Development and maintenance
  • Uniformity in UI / UX
  • CSS3 Styles implementation
  • GeoLocation Services
  • Storage
  • Improved Security & Performance.
  • Searchable contents
  • RIA
  • Video Audio Streaming Support
  • Rich Media

HTML5 for Mobile Devices

HTML5 for mobile websites, mobile applications and mobile operating systems provide niche features like Geolocation APIs , offline web application support, WebStorage, CSS3 Selectors and 2D animations. Capabilities of CSS3 and and extended video / audio support are also offered through HTML5.

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As mobile and wearable devices take over the world today, we recognize the powers on HTML5 and HTML as being the most mobile ready tool to develop mobile sites and apps across various platforms and devices making it a popular cross platform development technique. Our teams keep up pace with new technologies and solutions to enhance older ones and bring them into our services.

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