iPhone - Criteria for choosing cloud Vendors


iPhone currently has millions of users worldwide and thousands of iPhone applications, Apple has created an advanced and innovative mobile computing platform. These days the businesses are creating iPhone applications to match up with the pace of the current trends of internet marketing and to reach their target audiences. These apps are made available through iPhone App stores to the users worldwide.
Now, since the success of a new iPhone app might be unknown, many businesses are looking to scalable cloud solutions to host the backend services of their iPhone app. While selecting the cloud vendor, the following are the things to be kept in mind for the iPhone developers:
Ø  Use of the programming languages and the application platform support
Ø  Global coverage to deploy the rich media functionality
Ø  Hardware support and after-purchase support
Ø  Availability of available and dependable web infrastructure
Ø  The terms and conditions mentioned on the contract to be signed, if any
Ø  Scalability of the app to meet the demand
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