Facebook as a Marketing Tool - Tips & Tricks

Facebook has been one of the newly emerged marketing tool for the business since last 2 years or something. You must have come across many articles of the general B2C marketing using Facebook. This article in particular talks about using facebook for B2B (Business 2 Business) marketing.

Here are some tips and tricks for the same:
Ø  Connect yourself to the corresponding community. Thus, even if you share smallest of the knowledge tip on this community, the recipients will be the technical audience only.
Ø  Build relationships. By putting a face to a brand, it is possible to position your brand or business or service as a resource that will be the first call for that follower when the time comes to make a purchase decision.
Ø  Create 2-way conversation. After establishing a relationship with the fan page followers, encourage them to provide input on the content being shared. Asking questions will be a good trick here, as the followers have to respond to the question asked and by this way, start including your updates and brand names in the flow on the web.
Ø  Make it shareable. Be creative in yourself for this point. Understand that your messages containing some smart humor, visual appeals and brevity all increase your chances of having your content move through facebook and all your fellow members.

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