Adobe Flash & HTML5 – A Comparison


Designs or GUI is always been the most visible part of a software or a website. Adobe Flash and HTML5 are one of the best technologies which the programmers have ever witnessed. Both have their pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at these two powerful technologies.
Fresh technologies have been emerging like anything in the market via the creative minds spread across the globe. But, clearly HTML5 and Adobe Flash - both has been doing great since the web graphics is making a mark in the web-world.
·         Adobe Flash requires a plug-in to be downloaded in the browser whereas, not with HTML5.
·         HTML5 is prefereable for Safari and browsers on Mac, whereas Adobe Flash wins the battle when it comes to windows operating system.
·         Flash is considered best for audio recording, video conferencing, gaming and animation, whereas HTML5 does well with navigation.
Flash is a little expensive, but it has been acknowledged for its animation, fast download speed, compact file sizes and of course the graphics effects, as compared to HTML5.

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