Field Force Automation


Use of technology to gather field sales and services information real time is referred as Field Force Automation (FFA). Salesman in the field use technologies like PDAs, wireless devices, Tablets or mobile phone to collect field data and it is transferred immediately to back-end systems like ERP, CRM or Accounting System. Using Field Force Automation systems reduces lot of manual work, time delays and also enhances filed staffs productivity. This system also enables to manage available inventory stock, plan delivery schedules and manage field force efficiently.

Some of the advantages of using Field Force Automation:

·         Easy tracking of inventory and field staff
·         Ready access to customer and inventory details
·         Automates order dispatch services
·         Work reports can be updates remotely
·         Creates orders and send notifications to back-end immediately
·         Easy integration with back-end system

SPEC INDIA has more than a decade of experience in Field Force Automation system. It has successful implemented this system for some of its prestigious clientele worldwide. This system provides different features like manage physical inventory, damaged inventory details, customer contact details, complete product details, barcode reading, print reports etc and it can also be integrated easily with the existing ERP system

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