Best Practices in Mobile Apps development


The context of writing this document is to collect and practically present the most rampant engineering practices in the Mobile applications development community today. They are mainly due to 2 reasons:
1.       Facilitate the exploration of device capabilities to enable the best User experience
2.       Identify the factors, those are considered harmful and can have unnatural effects on the overall quality of the application

Ø  Prefer Server-side detection (wherever possible)
Ø  Replication of all the Local data
Ø  Ensure that the User is informed about the Use of Personal and Device information
Ø  Avoidance of all the Redirects
Ø  User Transfer Compression
Ø  Minimize the external resources
Ø  Include background images in inline in CSS files
Ø  Caching the AJAX data
Ø  Minimize perceived Latency
Ø  Focus on the Dynamic page updates
Ø  Ensure paragraph Text flows
Ø  Consider only mobile specific technologies
Ø  Suggest a non-JavaScript Variant, if possible

In building the mobile applicationsat SPEC INDIA, we do not consider it as mandatory to implement all the best practices all the time. Instead, each practice is considered as a possible measure that might be implemented towards the goal of provision of rich and dynamic experience to the User.

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