Iphone Game Development with Core Animation

Iphone game development is really something very exciting. Over more than total applications of iphone 30% carry games and 70% carry iphone utility and admired applications.  Most of the user is looking for more best selling or a talk of town game. iPhone have better deals as iphone has got better with the 3GS. Game specific animation techniques are there with core animation.

There are some cautions to using core animation, for which among that one is u get better performance from using raw openGL ES, and it can be more or less boring. Most of the iphone developers would favor core animation to be great for games of cartoon games, character and board games.  Advantage of core animation is that you can lay out the components using interface builder which can be a real time saver, as all the graphical components are inherited from UIview. To use OpenGL ES for more complex and realistic gaming backgrounds and action with n number of ways to add music and enhance the gaming experience.

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