Sales Force Automation Is A Wake-up Call, the company needed….

It is observed as per a survey that most of the sales reps squander less than half of their time in fact selling. SFA is one option which can reshape the sales operations to allow the sales people field to focus on their real jobs.

The handsomely paid sales reps spent more their time on internal sales support and trailing the progress of deals. Most of the time the sales staff had to wait for a special price to get approved to began with some standard proposals and at the same time if there is any launching of new product it is obvious possibility of mishandling and meet the deadlines for facet to employ prior orders.

This gives a wakeup call to the companies needed. The sales cycle got standardized and simplified which compared to perform through management system, as the companies were able to rise to the challenges with the help of the sales staff. 

Smallest benefit can add up to a big impact. If a company on an average has a staff of 10 sales persons working on average 50 hrs a week. If only 2 hrs are reduced per week the salespersons will have a gain another ten ours to do selling each week which can increase a person’s overhead cost.

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