SIO2 Game Engine

SIO2 is an glitter based cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. It gives all the latest game engine functionalities. The engine also allows user to port his game on the Mac Store and on Windows.
SIO2 is a Free and Open Source Game Engine for iPhone and iPod Touch.
SIO2 framework has all the flexibility to create whatever type of game user want. SIO2 engine gives you maximum flexibility, optimization and scalability compared to all other game engines.
System requirement to develop game using SIO2 for Mac and iphone is Mac OS X v10.5.6 and iPhone SDK 2.2.1.

Following are the reason why SIO2 is best,
1.       Optimized File Format and Unique package approach.
2.       Written in pure C.
3.       Tool Chain with Exporter and Optimizer, Animation, Auto Texture bake script.
4.       Provide real time physics with Rigid and soft Body object, Collision, Particle system and Fog.
5.       Different type of Texturing like Multi-Texturing, Texture Filtering, Transparent and semi-Transparent.
6.       Availability of multimedia with special effects (3Dand 2D).
7.       Scene management with Fast sorting, Event system, Scripting and network support, Touch screen, accelerometer.
8.       Projected shadow and Geometry, Light mapping and Per-Vertex.

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