New Technologies for Java 10 and Beyond Version

Technology is enhancing day by day and so Java technology too. There are so many versions and latest one was Java 8 which was released in March 2014. There are predictions that Java 9 and 10 is forthcoming. Java 9 can be introduced in 2016.

Project named Valhalla will incubate and advance the java language and JVM technology. This project will be served as an idea on openJDK mail list. This project will include great features like value types, generic specialization, and enhanced volatiles.

Main important things in the project Valhalla is value type & specialization. This thing are met to work with problem of boxing in which integer use more memory and it needs to be de-occupied to get payload and there is cache miss in this process. The thinking is tiny aggregates custom numeric types such as unit 128 etc can receive benefit of objects during performance maintenance.

This project will work at many levels which normally include type system, language, VM and libraries. In its starting phase this project will be run at level of VM, defining clear semantics and underlying help which can be use by Java and some more languages on java virtual machine.

This hard effort is part of very simple and normal process of including Java via open governance process.

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