Android Wear. Information on the Move

"OK Google". We got it. You are changing our lives, completely taking control of what we do and how we do. Wearable technology announced in March this year and consolidated by the previews at the Google I/O; Android wear is technology coming of age.

We are now not just talking about augmented reality; we are using it as it should be. Carry it, pocket it, drive it, see it or wear it……..

Its just as simple as saying “OK Google”, in your own voice to send messages and emails or check the route to be taken, navigate, the weather to expect, the next train, your schedule today, whose birthday it is today, nearby events, record the ever so important match on the TV and the restaurant to go to; all simply with a smart thing on you.  Search Google with your voice too while on the move. And after a hard day’s work play your favorite music with a simple command.

So after smartphones it is the turn of smart watches and other wearable. Coupled with an android phone, Android Wear brings Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant to all Android Wear devices. Google now is a natural language UI to ‘talk’ to Android for getting answers, searching web and also predicting questions before even asked based on usage pattern. Use your watch or glass to respond to your commands. Even throw in your Android TV respond to these gadgets besides your android phone.

The possibilities are to the scores……..

    • Get intelligent information when most needed
    • Ask, ask and ask. Get answers to anything and everything
    • Monitor health and fitness every moment
    • Make an assembly of devices. With a single key; Android Wear

And the most recent. After the successful Google Fit, a measure for sleep and exercise parameters on Android; Google forays into wearable health and fitness gadgets too.  Giving meaning to technology, the Google Lens would be a smart lens to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics. The lens measures glucose in tears using a wireless chip and a mini glucose sensor. It is obviously expected to be a part of the Android Wear community soon.

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