Apple’s Next-Gen Phone’s: iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

iPhone 5 is now not new in the market, just about six months before only it was lunched successfully world-wild. Till now its sales are increasing continuously.

By seeing this many company had jumped in the smartphone market. Today in market there are many companies which are offering different functions and features from the existing ones. Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S4 and lots of other smartphone’s. Sony has launched Experia Z with the best features. Actually, in this throat-cutting completion Apple is not left behind. In the coming day’s only Apple is also planning to launch new iPhone 5s and iPhone6.

Apple always gives surprise to customers and iPhone developers. In past there was rumors that Apple will launch its advanced feature iPhone 5s and iPhone6 in the middle of 2013. But after the high rise competition, Apple is focusing more on iPhone 6 than iPhone 5S. It’s been expecting that iOS 7 will be releasing near to September/October with the inline release of new iPhone.

Release Date:
There are lots of rumors in the market about the release of iPhone 5S. Everybody says something different from all the iPhone can be expected in new iPhone 5S release. There was rumor in past, that iPhone 5S will be launching near to June but it was cleared later that Apple is coming with another new iPhone 6 in 2013. Many sources claim that iPhone 5S production and manufacturing will be starting from June.

In 2012, Digitimes declared that iPhone 5S release date will be a little later because of some manufacturing problem. Apple wants to launch the next generation iPad and iPhone in the middle of the year 2013.

iMoreRumours in March early said that iPhone 5S will be in stores near to august 2013 and later on Digitimes also agreed with this rumor. Also said that iPhone 5S will come probably in September 2013.

So if you see all these, then you will find lots of rumors are there in the virtual world for iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. But from all the rumors and gossips we can understand that, Apple in going to launch it’s both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in the year only.


As per all the research and rumors, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will have Super HD display.

It has also reported that new iPhone will have Retina along with Sharp IGZO display which would have High definition resolution of 1080 pixel.


In January 2013, iLounge got the information regarding iPhone 5S camera and indicated that iPhone 5S will have the same camera design as iPhone 5 but the only difference would be that it may have larger flash on back. Some new rumours also indicated that iPhone 5S will have 13 MP camera that the Sony Experia Z has already provided to the customers. Some phone reviewers also suggested that apple should provide a handset with dual SIM.


Rumors have been out of control about the NFC until apple will incorporate the NFC in iPhone. There were some rumors about iPhone 5 that apple will incorporate NFC at some stage in handset but it didn’t. But apple has included passbook into the iPhone 5. As per some wrong information or wrong rumors China Times has indicated that apple will provide iPhone 5S with NFC and also with finger print scanner to provide security. Nobody is sure about this rumors but apple may provide these features in next iPhone 5S because in last June apple took over Mobile Security Firm AuthenTec in $365 Million.

Wireless Charging:

According to the information of CP Tech, Apple filed a patent application for wireless charging along with Near Field Magnetic Resonance. It means that apple is going to provide wireless charging to its customers.

From the all above information we can understand that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will be having some unique features and functions to fight out smart phone market competition.

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