Importance Of "ibData" File Into InnoDB Engine

DBMS: Database Management System. It’s an integration of huge data files. Number of users can access database at same time. Most of the web application uses database development services through My SQL. Mostly application require open source database to retrieve data through application weather it is web or desktop applications.  DBMS support query languages, by this we can update, access, modify database.

There are different types of query languages Like My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc. InnoDB file belongs to SQL and it is a storage engine. InnoDB provide high reliability and performance to DBMS through query languages. In DBMS arrangement of data make impact while doing operation on database. And InnoDB take part very effectively to support and maintain that database.

While going into depth InnoDB, ibdata files are also an important corner of InnoDB engines. Existence of Ibdata file is essential for InnoDB engine. If you lost ibdata file then forget to access InnoDB engine. Main problem with ibdata file is, it will occupy big memory size while performing DML operations. So clearance of memory space is one the issue while using it. You can delete ibdata file, its does not matter if you are not using InnoDB engine. But if your process passing through InnoDB engine then it might create some error into starting process of MY SQL.

Latest InnoDB offers various significant features over MY SQL:
a) Scalability
b) Reliability
c) Flexibility
d) Usability

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