Options For Offshore Outsourcing Partnership

In outsourcing, two organizations may enter into a contractual agreement involving exchange of services and payments for establishing the best of the partnership program. This concept thus supports the firms well in their core competencies and thus mitigating rise of skill of expertise shortage in the areas where they want to outsource.

Here are the available options to agreement between two firms entering into an outsourcing partnering contract:

> Customer-Contractor: The customer here assigns a project which the development center completes. Once the project is completed and paid too, the product is delivered with the copyright.
> Offshore Partnership-Sharing Success: One Company here shares the business with the outsourcing Company. It works best for long-term relationships. It allows reduction of initial expenses and gives both the parties a guarantee that each partner will do their best to make the project – a success.
> Project-based Program: The most basic program, which is used for short-term offshore outsourcing projects. The Customer places an order, the contractor performs it, and then the Customer pays. The details of this program differ from Company to Company, and project to project.
> Time-based Program: Here, the Company creates more than one workplace for a project. This program is good for long-term outsourcing projects and guarantees the implementation of Customer’s important plans. It also ensures availability of the employees for the Customer’s task.
> Mixed Program: This program allows combining the advantages of both programs, on the one hand – the main part of the team is constantly working on your project; and on the other hand - the Companies get a flexible structure working on their project.

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