Java Programming: Ensuring Security to Code

From Java programmers point of view, secure programming is almost impossible without showing respect towards general good and smart programming practices. Thus, this article is dedicated to us all, who are looking forward to implement some smart tactics to ensure security in Java programming. This article specifically concentrates on the implications for Java programming.

Here we go:
> Establishment and enforcement of Companywide coding style guidelines
> Validation of inputs to public methods
> Using the technique of ‘Dead Code Elimination’ to build debug and release versions
> Provision of utility methods for input data validation and transformation purposes
> Do not change the state of the objects very often
> Optimize performance only after profiling
> Consideration to automatically generate input data validation methods
> Addition of debug traces to the main code of the program
> Do not return references to mutable member objects from public methods
  and so on…

We will try and come up with some Java specific guidelines at a later stage.

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