Introduction to Java Platform Versions

There are 3 different editions of Java platform programming, making it easier for software developers, and services & solutions providers. Java is a rich language that comes with many components, optional packages, as well as extensions – the intricate parts that make up the entire package.

Here is an introductory note to the 3 versions of Java platform:

Java SE (Standard Edition): It lets the programmer deploy and develop applications on desktops and servers, embedded and real-time environments. It includes classes that support the development of Java web services, and provides the foundation for Java platform.

Java EE (Enterprise Edition): This version of the Java platform helps you develop and deploy portable, robust, scalable, and secure server-side Java apps. It provides web services, component-model, management, and communication API for implementation to the Java platform.

Java ME (Micro Edition): It provides an environment for all the Java developers, that runs on a broad range of mobile and embedded devices, such as mobile phone, PDA, TV set-top box, printer, etc. These applications are written once for a wide range of yet exploit each device’s native capabilities.

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