Apple to revolutionize education field?

Apple – as always has been known to create innovations and beyond, is all set to revolutionize the education sector. As a step to start to create Job’s vision, as the Company held a press conference in NYC yesterday and discussed their intentions for digital publishing. They took a big jump into the digital textbooks market with the launch of its iBooks software. Studies indicate the heaving popularity of digital resources in higher education, Apple’s participation in the textbook market would be a strategic time.

At this stage, it seems that Apple will shake up the traditional textbook market significantly, thus changing the emphasis from content to hardware. Still, the publishers said that working like this would be a great opportunity to revive and expand the market.

At the conference, Apple also unveiled iBooks Author, a new free iOS application which enables anyone to create a book. It will be interesting to see what Apple's plans are for the future of digital education.

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