Benefits of 3rd party testing

‘Quality Assurance’ is obviously not a feature, it is a process. Although every software Company has their own testing resources to assure the quality of all the produced web-stuff. But, there are some chances of the ‘fish - swimming in the same bowl.’

Here are some of the listed benefits of the third-party testing:
> Provides a checks and balances the system that benefits the Client and software vendor
> Saves money and rework time
> Easy identification of requirement issues
> Reduces Client’s workload by having an independent third party test
> Verifies that the technical design conforms to the requirements and expectations of the User
> The 3rd party team reduces the number of defects released into production
> Provides Client with an objective view of readiness of the software at any given time

At SPEC INDIA, we have a very reliable QA team, to support our prospects and Clients in a positive manner for all the 3rd party testing or quality assurance assignments. The details of our Software testing process are listed at this page, for your kind reference. You can also send us an email at our email id for any queries – related to our partnership program for Testing.

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