AJAX: Advantages

AJAX represents a similar concept to the client-server programming as explained earlier in one of our blog articles for our ASP.NET programmer readers. With the concept of client-server programming, the amount of data transferred is minimized over a terminal application by transferring only mandatory data to and from the system. This clearly minimizes the network utilization and processing to the Client side.

Below are the advantages of using Ajax with ASP.NET programming:
> Ajax allows ability to make asynchronous calls to a web server
> It allows client browser to avoid waiting for all data to arrive before allowing the User to act more
> It facilitates quicker operations, and thus improves network performance
> Only limited server processing allowance
> As AJAX apps are asynchronous at client-side, they are perceived to be very responsive
> The User state is maintained
> Only the recent data is transmitted in every iteration, so it minimizes CPU usage
> AJAX enables the program to reduce the frequent connections to the server
> With AJAX, the corresponding scripts and style sheets only have to be requested once

The primary reason as always been to minimize the page loading time and hence to add to the speed of the website functioning.

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Happy Programming!

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