What is Liferay?

Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise portal in Java. It is mainly used for designing corporate intranet and extranet application. Liferay constitutes functional units called “Portlets”. It can be described as content management framework or web application framework, and it also allows constructing an application with all the features of a website. It also supports multiple programming language like PHP, Ruby plugins. It provides a great programming interface for development. As Liferay is Java based so it is cross-platform compatible and can be executed on any platform having Java Runtime Environment. No special programming skills are required for installing and administration of Liferay. Liferay includes a suite of applications generally required in a portal like CMS, blog, message board etc.

Liferay portal is available in two editions.

•    Liferay Portal Community Edition
•    Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition

Liferay comes with certain preinstalled functional units called portlets that includes all the main functionalities of a portal system. Some of the portlets available are :
•    Web content
•    Website tools
•    Web form builder
•    Document and image management
•    Nested portlets
•    Blogs and blog aggregation
•    Message board
•    Mails
•    Chat
•    Site map
•    Site navigation etc to name a few

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