Upgrading your DotNetNuke website to Version 06.01.02


In the last to last week, DotNetNuke version 06.01.02 was released on their official website dotnetnuke.com. This article explains the steps for the DNN developers like how to upgrade their website to the new version for the older version.

Upgrading DotNetNuke is not that hard to accept!

The steps are actually very easy. And you can find the relevant video tutorials too on the official website of the DNN. Here are the steps:
  • Download the UPGRADE package from DotNetNuke.com
  • Extract the Contents of the ZIP file (unblock on the properties screen first if necessary)
  • Backup your website’s file system (I just make a copy of the website’s folder)
  • Backup your database
  • Place an app_offline.htm file in the root of your website folder to disable the site (video)
  • Copy the contents of the extracted UPGRADE ZIP file over your existing website.
  • Remove the app_offline.htm file from the root of your website folder
  • Access your website in a browser, if you call http://mywebsite/install/install.aspx the upgrade will fire off automatically.
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Happy programming!

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