Web Application MVC Project Structure


In one of the posts, last month we had introduced the MVC (Model, View Controller) architecture in ASP.NET. In an ASP.NET website, URLs typically map to files that are stored on disk. These .aspx files include markup and code that is processed in order to respond to the request.

When you create an ASP.NET MVC Web application project, the MVC components are separated based on the project folders shown as below:

By default, MVC projects include the following folders:

Ø  App_Data; stores the data physically
Ø  Content; location to add content files such as CSS. So, it’s a content folder for static files.
Ø  Controllers; location for all the controllers.
Ø  Models; provided for classes that represent the application model for the application
Ø  Scripts; location for all the script files supported by the application
Ø  Views; location for all the views. They use ViewPage(.aspx), ViewUserControl(.ascx) and ViewMasterPage(.master) files, apart from this there are also other files that are related to rendering views

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