SPEC INDIA Sales Force Automation Software Solution


SPEC INDIA Sales Force Automation software solution is an easy to use, bespoke and influential which is very handy to manage the entire team of sales. SFA helps most of the company to set and follow sales team's targets, add and maintain contact lists, track day to day records of order closure and very much save time of sales person as well free from tedious paperwork. Mobile SFA has flexibility to add and reduce functions as per the needs of the clients, as each and every industry has their own specific requirements. Our SPEC INDIA SFA solution is very much customizable to your exact business requirements.

The system maintains the contact details, route details and promotional offers while the sales executives on field. SFA helps sales people on field to be more productive outside the office with Mobile Sales ForceAutomation Solutions which has the best service features to send orders, route the sales cycle and promotional offers declaration. Enable salespeople to send orders to back end which is faster and accurate which reduces the order dealing out times from weeks to instant. This results more time for sales person to explain about product to new customers, better customer service, more calls to accomplish and higher customer retention results can be observed

One of the main compensation of having tremendously capable sales force automation is to recognizing the needs of the customers and target audience in a better manner. This mobile application allows the management to evaluate the sales targets and detailed sales analysis. It shows the communication lines very transparent between sales people, management and the customers

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