iPhone programming: Challenges for the developers

Mobile technology and usage is increasing day by day. Gone are the days when people were just using mobile phone devices for just connecting with friends and other people, now they are loaded with smart applications, camera, Bluetooth connectivity, Facebook, Twitter and what not. However, the process of satisfying the Users’ needs in a constantly and rapidly changing environment requires a thoughtful understanding and analysis of the changing trends which has been successfully catered to.

Given below are some of the common challenges into iPhone applications development:
1.    iPhone can run only one application at a time, so if the User wants to run any other app the first one has to be terminated. So, the iPhone developers need to note that the app should be coded and developed in such a manner that it can operate solely without support from any other apps.
2.    Users decision to respond to calls or SMSs is again important, because s/he needs to terminate the app in order to take a call or to respond to the SMS.
3.    iPhone is a touch driven device, so the placement of the controls on the screen needs to be User friendly and in a careful manner.
4.    Low memory warnings are crucial, if the iOS gets signals that it is not able to run some necessary apps because of the private app the User is running, it may terminate the app.
5.    From the designer’s point of view, the application with a crowded interface might deviate the User’s attention much like in a practical market place.
6.    The iPhone developers should note that the iPhone generates motion events when users move the device in a certain way, such as shaking it. It is necessary to prevent the app from responding in a unexpected manner in response to such events.

At SPEC India, we have been working on various technology platforms since more than 2 decades, and we are also an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company. Our well-trained team of iPhone development professionals always take care of all these challenges and norms as appearing in the day-to-day processes.

Happy Programming!


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