General Issues in ASP.NET hosting


In the previous post today, we have introduced the various options and purchasing logic for the hosting plans for the ASP.NET developers. In this post now, we will through some light on some general issues arising in ASP.NET hosting. There might be many more issues ahead of the mentioned below too, but these are the general issues, taking precaution to which will definitely support ASP.NET developers to go for the perfect plan. 

Here you go:

One should prefer only those service providers which focus solely on ASP.NET hosting. Those providers who specialize in ASP.NET are more compatible naturally to upgrade the plan according to the version upgrade for the ASP.NET used by the developer, thus making the task very easy.
If Client is recommending a new host particular, the ASP.NET developer should recommend to first test the provider for initial one month or something and then only it is advisable to enter into yearly contract or something. As a matter of concern, the factors such as network speed, query-response time, etc. matter a lot at very crucial stages in product development process.
Practically, this is difficult to measure in modern era of marketing, as all the hosts would claim fantastic all-round support always. But still, 24x7 chat support will do the trick at every stage, if the developer or Client is facing some query at any stage pertaining to the hosting service provider.
4.       IP Addresses
If you are running multiple sites, it is advisable to have each one a separate IP address, thus to ensure that an issue arisen on one IP should not affect the same on the other simultaneous projects. And the hosting provider these days do have offers for purchase of more than one IPs under the same domain name or the hosting plan purchase.

At SPEC India, we have a team of around 90 well-trained software professionals. The services provided under our name range from the requirement gathering to analysis to development to hosting plan recommendation. The ASP.NET developers are SPEC India however are the best guys to recommend the suitable hosting plans to the Client, as they are well aware of the features of the system and its hosting plan requirements at any point of time.

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