How to promote your Flex Application


Developers love to see applications that other developers have made – upto a great extent, it inspires them to be more creative and also adds to their knowledge base. Once you have built something great with Flex, you want to make sure that as many people as possible see your application.

Adobe has many free resources and programs available that support you promote your apps. In this article, I will list the main ones:
1.       The website is a community of Flexdevelopers. The Flex Showcase on website allows any developer to ad their application to a central location, where other developers can see the work.
2.       At Flex Showcase, there’s an RSS feed that anyone can subscribe to in order to be updated when new applications are added to the Flex Showcase.
3.       Activa Live Chat; The Flex Showcase offers activa live chat for all the developers
4.       Applications can be submitted to Adobe Site of the Day
5.       Adobe Customer Success Program; it allows business leaders to highlight how their company is benefited from Adobe software.
6.       Flex User groups are a great way indeed to present your product to proactive Flex developers

Happy Programming!

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