Mobile Device Management (MDM) a Modern Day Challenge

The story for mobile devices has completely changed in today’s enterprises. Mobile devices surpass the very indispensible laptops and desktops and are harbingers of technology that manage day to day tasks for various business activities. These devices move out from the controlled areas of the enterprise to the field, the homes of the workforce and even the client premises. 

MDM regularizes BYOD

Bring Your Own Device for all the stakeholders of the company fuels thoughts for safeguarding and monitoring happenings on these devices. A robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy needs to be in place for enterprises to ensure valid and verified usage of these devices with or without direct supervision of authorized persons.

MDM puts in place fool proof methodologies for monitoring and scrutinizing mobile devices issued to workforce to be used within or outside corporate premises.  An efficient MDM ensures safety and security of a group of devices using various service providers, operating systems and networks. It exercises discrete control over ever the increasing mobile devices for smoother and secure workflows. 

MDM To Dos

While planning a mobile device management system judicial planning is needed to have a useful system. Besides maintaining the inventory of devices, intelligent grouping and maintenance of inventory becomes very helpful in maintenance and reporting. Physical verification and registration of devices joining the group is quite advisable for ensuring proper security. The appropriate integration of various platforms and databases that the different systems and devices coming together might belong to is the toughest challenge for a praiseworthy MDM. 

MDM Security Aspects
          a) Intelligent user verification logic not only authenticates any user accessing the software, but also gives proper rights to the users as per the roles assigned.
          b) A corporate management policy limits the usage of MDM bound devices to relevant tasks. Indiscriminate usage of resources especially the internet is controlled and a disciplined usage of the devices is enforced.
          c) Highly secure communication channels are maintained amongst the devices and the central panel for intercommunication, secure workflows , monitoring and tracking.
          d) Asset management of the devices is a very important task to be rolled out by the MDM. Management of devices lost or not being used correctly is a part of the disciplinary issues addressed by the MDM.
          e) Real time reports and alerts should be generated as and when needed by a capable MDM to keep the management aware of the on goings and the risks as well.

      Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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