Apple Launches New Xcode, 'Swift' Programming Language

Swift amongst the fastest animal on the planet, with some of the fastest measured flight speeds of any bird inspires Apple to christen its latest programming language, Swift with the indication that it is set to completely replace Objective-C as the scripting language both for native iOS and OS.x apps.

Learning Swift is easier and faster thus ensuring increase in productivity in delivering apps and solutions for iOS devices.

Advantages of Swift


Swift language comes with strong type checking making the language safer and securer. It is quite similar to C++.
Unlike Objective-C the type of the object is known at compile time increasing the safety by restricting direct access to the pointer. With a strong type inference, the compiler knows the full types of objects, helping making function call decisions faster.

Memory management in Swift is automatic, making the environment safe and stable completely avoiding crashes due to poor memory management.


Swift incorporates updates and features that are previously not known or introduced by any language, like optional, letups and generics to mention a few.

Since it is inspired by Objective-C, Swift code feels natural to read and write to a mature programmer.
 An example

let     Cities  =      [“Ahmedabad”,”Delhi”,”Rajkot”,”Bombay”]

let     SortedCities =     sort(Cities)  {$0 < $1}


Swift comes up with powerful pattern matching abilities. Developers can directly access the UIKit framework and Foundation framework from the languages. String formatting, assigning objects and usage of conditionals is much more flexible as compared to other languages


var dictionary =     [“a”:”1”,”b”:”2”,”c”:”3”]
var array =     [1,2,3,4]

varobjectName :AnyObject

objectName = NSDate()

objectName = UITableView()


Swift language is much more interactive and users can manipulate the code as the offers the Playground feature.

By using Xcode 6 New File->PlayGround , users can create playground and check all the run time values of code snippets. Without a need to build and run the app, a Playground user can prototype by writing the code and evaluating the results at the run time in the same screen. It is best for debugging and learning process.

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