SFA - Prolific Solution for Sales Force

"SFA", Sales Force Automation, is the emerging and must have business concept which is gaining more and more popularity nowadays in India. As the name itself interprets that it is related to automate sale force of any organization and enables the field sales people to speed up the work in order to cover more customers, more areas/territories and to fetch more and more business. SFA contains important modules like pre-sales, direct sales, field surveys and more.

Now some very basic and important questions arise here and they are - What SFA offers? How SFA can be useful for the business?

What SFA offers?
Sales force automation is a one point enterprise solution that offers almost every aspects of selling and thus helps the business to grow like anything.

Some key features of SFA are:
  1. Order/Inventory Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Collection Management
  4. On Field Surveys
  5. Stock Management
  6. Employee Attendance/Expense Management

SFA can boost the business with following valuable impacts:
  1. Increase revenue generation and thus increase profit margine
  2. Speed up the customer service frequency
  3. Increase customer satisfaction level
  4. Reduce workload on sale professional
  5. Knowledge of market trends
  6. Increase business efficiency and transparency

How SFA can be useful for the business?
To achieve the growth, each and every business must follow certain strategies like reducing processing time, faster services, frequent market surveys to know the latest market trends, etc.

Let's have a look on a scenario where a sales person goes to some isolated place far from the core city area. This person will be carrying the Order book, Receipt book, Lists of items/customers etc. which sometimes becomes unbearable for the person to work with such a heavy burden. It certainly reduces the productivity of sales person and does not help the person to spare effective time to fetch more business.

Now just imagine, if the same sales person carries a simple hand-held device having sales force automation application then his entire journey, to serve the scheduled customers, can be very fruitful. The person will use the finger tip just to enter/access all the information which he will collect from the customer. This, not only improve his productivity but also helps to expand the business. In addition, the sales person can also perform some additional tasks like conducting field surveys, manage collections, view stocks, set reminders and many more. Thus in country like India, use of such SFA application can be fruitful for every organization.

ZooM – A flagship SFA solution developed by SPEC INDIA, is a complete package for the field sales people having all these above mentioned features and innovative and pure concept of traditional SFA. With a proven solution having all capabilities, it enables user to do the rapid business in few clicks only. The expectation level of ZooM is too high in the world of SFA.

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