Advantages of using Liferay Portal

Liferay portal is a free and an open source enterprise portal written in Java technology.

Liferay portal is specifically used for building powerful intranets and extranets for corporate. It allows the users to set up features which are common generally to the websites. As such, no specific programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration. It is capable of running Java Runtime Environment and an application server.

Here are some of the direct benefits of using Liferay platform:
> Each Liferay portal user is given a set of personal pages that are easy to customize to specific tastes and needs
> Most of the things are coming in-built with the Liferay platform
> It’s easy to use. With just a few clicks, one can make changes to the look and feel, portal configurations, themes, and page layouts
> It is compatible with all the major operating systems
> It is open source
> One can trust Liferay to ensure the confidentiality of the information
> Liferay ensures no additional budgeting for support software. It runs at your existing environment
> Integration of any enterprise application is made easier
> One can smartly run the other applications in Liferay too

At SPEC INDIA, we have build a classic intranet portal based on Liferay portal and is implemented successfully all over the Client’s existing environment. If you have any other requirement pertaining to any sort of Java development, feel free to email us at, our Business Development team will be happy to assist you.

Happy Java programming!

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