Building custom Intranet systems using Liferay

The Liferay portal development is one of the most mature portal frameworks on the market, offering many key business benefits that involve personalization, customization, and workflow. If you are a Java developer who wants to build custom intranet systems, Liferay portal platform are logically one of the best options.

Liferay Portal development ships with broad product capabilities to provide immediate return on investment:

> Content & Document Management with Microsoft Office® integration
> Web Publishing and Shared Workspaces
> Enterprise Collaboration
> Social Networking and Mashups   
> Enterprise Portals and Identity Management

At SPEC INDIA, we have already developed one classic intranet portal using the Liferay platform. Feel free to discuss if you have any requirements pertaining to the same. Our email id is, we will be happy to assist you.’
Happy Java programming!

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