Developing Silverlight RIA Applications

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a web application that has many of the features of the desktop application software, which is delivered by way of a site-specific browser. RIAs dominate in online gaming as well as applications that require access to video capture. Development of Silverlight RIA applications is indeed a very interesting and buzzing topic.

The RIAs are the internet applications that look and feels like desktop application, it also provides most of the maintainability and deployment benefits of web applications. An RIA Client can have separate state, so to increase the User experience – the User can work with data for a whole until it will be passed down to the server for processing.

When developing the RIA Clients, the Silverlight programmers need to develop a sense of concurrency in their mind. Some other users can have changed the data during the time we have worked with our copy. An RIA, at most times is running within an execution container in the browser, so people can hit the refresh button or user the back/forward buttons, which can be used to reload the whole app and the current state can be achieved.

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