Database Programming: Object Model Concepts

This article is for the beginners on database services programming side. A database is an organized collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form. We will introduce a few important concepts of the database programming:
> Data abstraction… is the process of distilling data down to its essentials. In the main object, the abstract data model is implemented as a graph figure. And the main attributes from the object are brought down to the essentials via data abstraction.
> Encapsulation… is the process of including processing with the object instances defined by a class. It allows the code and the data to be packaged together.
> Inheritance… is a way of defining one class in terms of the other class. There are certain characteristics that are true for all trees, yet there are some specific characteristics for the conifers. So, by using this property of database programming, the classes can inherit the property of the others.

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Happy database Programming!

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