Java Programming: Enabling Just-In-Time Compiler

One of the biggest advantages of Java is that you only have to write and compile a program once. In the Java language platform, the Just-in-time (JIT) compiler is a program which turns the Java bytecode into instructions  that be sent directly to the processor. The JIT compiler translates the bytecodes into the native machine code. The purpose of this process is to increase the speed at which the Java programs are running. As a Java developer, you may realize a speed increase literally, when some mathematically intensive functions are performed.
Some of the java programs might run at the same speed or slower when you are using the JIT compiler. It depends on the structure of the code written here. The Java developers can enable or disable the JIT compiler by using the following steps:
> Go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel
> Double click Internet icon
> Click the Advanced Tab
> Go to the Enable Java JIT compiler check box to select it or to clear it, and then go to ‘Ok’

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