Benefits of 3rd party testing

The 3rd party testing provides an independent check and balance to ensure that your service provider is delivering a product that will not surprise its users at a later time. Because sometimes what happens is the programmer who is in role of the tester might not realize the mistake that s/he has made during the writing of the code and making it as user-friendly as possible.

Sometimes, Companies do not have the necessary technical expertise in terms of the separate testing teams within the premises. The 3rd party testing phenomenon saves Clients money through early error detection and prevention.

Benefits of 3rd party testing and Quality assurance can be listed as:
> Saves money and rework time by reducing the number of errors coded in the first place
> Verification of the technical design matching up with requirements and User’s expectations
> Identification of requirement any possible issues in early stages of development
> Reduction of number of defects released into production
> Provision of checks and balances system to the benefits of the Client
  and so on…

At SPEC INDIA, we have an in-house separate testing or Quality Assurance team to take care of any assignments. This team thoroughly tests our in-house made applications/projects as well as we do accept the 3rd party testing assignments. If you have any enquiry for this, feel free to email us all the details at, we will be happy to assist you.

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