Advantages of using XHTML

XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language) was first released back in 2000. It is a family of XML markup languages that mirror or extend versions of the widely-used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the language is which web pages are written.

Benefits of XHTML:
Ø  The fully ‘Valid’ XHTML documents contain no errors. So, the developers/designers can internally make all the XHTML documents ‘Valid’ before publishing them to the web.
Ø  It is very much cleaner as compared to ‘table’ based layout in HTML.
Ø  It makes use of ‘div’ tags to define the content areas. These tags display is controlled separately by CSS.
Ø  It creates a smaller page size using XHTML. Thus, using XHTML and ‘div’ layout allows designers to make the code very much easily.
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