Inventory Management System by SPEC INDIA


Inventory means the list of goods and materials available in stock by a business. InventoryManagement System is a process to automate inventory tracking. SPEC INDIA provides a complete customized Inventory Management System to suite to business requirement. It is one of the major modules of the GoToMarket (G2M) Application developed by SPEC INDIA. This application manages the final inventory at each location by keep track of all transactions and also interfaces to other external systems as required.

Some of the main functionalities provided in this application are :

·         Managing inventory packing
·         Manage documents
·         Manage inventory weekly and reconcile with the accounting system
·    Tracking replenishing stock through production transfer, purchase goods receipts, transfer-ins and reverse shipments.
·         Tracking depleting goods through transfer-outs, vendor shipment and other miscellaneous documents.
·         Reports : Transaction summary report, Stock inquiry report, Physical inventory system etc.

This application is been developed using J2EE technology and uses Oracle 9i Database in the back-end. Application UI is developed using Java Swing components.

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