Strongly Typed Data Controls – Part 2


As per the previous post, the next release of ASP.NET provides the ability to enable strongly-typed data templates.  Specifically, addition of the ability to declare what type of data a control is going to be bound to, by way of a new “ModelType” property on data controls.  This will cause two new typed variables to be generated in the scope of the data-bound template expressions: Item and BindItem.
ASP.NET developers can use these variables in data-binding expressions and get full compile-time checking support.  Check this below example, here we’ve set the ModelType on an <asp:repeater> control to be a “Customer” object.  Once we do this we can switch from using Eval(“FirstName”) to instead use Item.FirstName to reference the property.  

We get full Visual Studio code intellisense when we do so:

Support for strongly typed data-controls is a small, but nice, feature that makes working with data-bound expressions easier and cleaner.  Thus, usage of ASP.NET vNext in programming platforms makes data-binding and data-editing even more powerful and easy for sure.
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